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Q: How old was the first New Zealander women at the Olympics?
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Related questions

Who was the first New zealander to win a medal at a winter Olympics?

That was Annelise Coberger who won silver in women's slalom skiing at the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville.

Is there a new zealander woman weight lifter in the 2012 Olympics?


What is Sarah ulmer know for?

Sarah Ulmer - is first New Zealander to win an Olympic cycling gold (at the 2004 Olympics)

What is the name of the New Zealander who competed in the Olympics for judo?

Peter Broom

What New Zealander won a bronze at the Barcelona Olympics at the age of 37?

Lorraine Moller, who won bronze in the women's marathon at the 1992 Games in Barcelona, was 37 years old at the time.

What make Valerie Adams a famous New Zealander?

OK....... come on do u not think she was at the Olympics and won a gold medal and came first...... think hello

Who is the only New Zealander to have won a medal at the Winter Olympics?

Through the 2006 Winter Games in Turin, that is Annelise Coberger who won silver in women's slalom skiing at the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville.

Why is nick willis at the London Olympics?

because he is an new zealander, and hes been in the olympics for a long time, and hes good at what he does :) yeee gee !!

What New Zealander won 3 gold medals at the Los Angeles Olympics in water sports?

Ian Ferguson

What is a New Zealander?

A New Zealander is a person from the country of New Zealand.

Who was the first New Zealander to climb Mount Everest?

The first New Zealander to climb and reach the summit of Mount Everest was Edmund Hillary. He reached the top on the 29th May 1953.

Who was the first new zealander to split the atom?

Ernest Rutherford

Is Temuera Morrison a New Zealander?

Yes, Temuera Morrison is a New Zealander.

What new events were introduced at the 2012 Olympics?

For the first time, women's boxing is included

Who was the first New Zealander to win a gold medal?

Ted Morgan

Who was the first New Zealander to run the 4 minute mile?

Sam Dunkin

The first New Zealander to climb mt Everest?

sir Edmond Hillery

New Zealander to win First Olympic gold medal?

New Zealand's first individual gold medal was won in 1928. Boxer Ted Morgan won gold in the welterweight class at the Amsterdam Olympics. Morgan took first prize as a virtual unknown and fought under the handicap of a dislocated little finger.

Who is the prominent new zealander with name suppression?

Grahame Thorne is the prominent New Zealander with name suppression.

What man was the first New Zealander to run the 4 minute mile?

Peter snell

Who is the first man climb to Everest?

New Zealander sir Edmud Percival Hillary

Who was the first New Zealander to win the US grand prix?

Bruce McLaren in 1959.

Who is a british scientists who first discovered that atoms have nucleus?

Earnest Rutherford -- A New Zealander

What is someone from New Zealand called?

A person from New Zealand is called a New Zealander, a native of New Zealand is a Maori, a non-maori New Zealander may call themselves a Kiwi and a Maori calls a non-Maori New Zealander a Pakeha.

What are the names of three new zealander's compititors?

In the Olympics? Sarah Walker, BMX. Valarie Adams, Shot put. Nick Willis, 1500 m race.