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2011 marks the 97th Rose Bowl

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2011-01-01 17:05:09
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Q: How old is the college football Rose Bowl?
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What are the old names of the Football postseason Bowl Games?

Rose Orange Cotton Sugar Orange Peach

How old is the Rose Bowl stadium?

97 years old

How old were all college bowl games?

There are 34 total college bowl games.

Is there a term for old college football players?


Where can you find old college football team rosters?

View the link titled "Old College Football Rosters" below and you will be able to view most Division I college football rosters from 2002-2010. There are a few more links available, as well. If you want a physical copy of the roster, go to the sports memorabilia category on eBay and enter "media guide" for the school you are searching for to see what years might be currently for sale. If the year you are searching for is not listed, enter it on favorite searches. They will email you when one is listed. Did the team you are searching for go to a bowl? Search "bowl program" for the year and school.

What is the age distribution of college football players?

18 years old

Who was the oldest college football player?

Tom Thompson, 61 years old. Austin College kicker.

Who is the oldest college football player?

Tom Thompson, 61 years old. Austin College kicker.

Where is an old website for Alabama football rosters?

Just search 'Alabama College Football Rosters' and add the date you're looking for at the end.

How old is the first football?

The first successful filming of a College Football game was in 1904 at a game between the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago.

How old is Bobby Bowden?

College football coach Bobby Bowden is 88 years old (birthdate: November 8, 1929).

How old is Steve Spurrier?

College football coach Steve Spurrier is 72 years old (birthdate: April 20, 1945).

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