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College Football coach Steve Spurrier is 72 years old (birthdate: April 20, 1945).

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Q: How old is Steve Spurrier?
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What is Steve Spurrier's Religion?

Steve Spurrier is presbyterian

What is the birth name of Steve Spurrier?

Steve Spurrier's birth name is Stephen Orr Spurrier.

What is Steve Spurrier's birthday?

Steve Spurrier was born on April 20, 1945.

What is Steve Spurrier's middle name?

Steve Spurrier's middle name is Orr

Why is Steve Spurrier called the old ball coach?

Because he is a old football coach.

What nicknames does Steve Spurrier go by?

Steve Spurrier goes by The Ol' Ball Coach.

Who are the Florida gators quarterbacks since Steve spurrier?

Who are the florida gators quarterbacks since steve spurrier?

When was Steve Spurrier born?

Steve Spurrier was born on April 20, 1945 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Who is the gamecocks coach?

Steve Spurrier.

What is Steve Spurrier's address?

Where did Steve Spurrier go to college?

Steve was a Heisman Trophy winner at Florida.

Who coached the redskins from 2002 to 2003?

Steve Spurrier