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The International Federation of Gymnastics has a requirement of an athlete turning 16 years old in the Olympic year to compete. Figure skating has an age requirement of turning 15 by July 1 of the year before the Winter Olympics to compete. Other than that, there are no age requirements.

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Q: How old does a person have to be to participate in the Olympics?
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How old was the youngest person to participate in the Olympic games?

13... she competed in the athens olympics

How old to participate in the Olympics?

you have to be 16 or going on 16 the year of the Olympics!

Who is eligible to participate in special Olympics?

A person with disabilities.

Was Jesse Owens the third black person to participate in the Olympics?

no he was the first blackman to win the olympics in berlyn

Who is the youngest person to participate in Tae Kwon Do in the Olympics?

Louise Savage

Was Olga Korbut too young when she was in the Olympics?

She was younger than the others but not too young. She was 17, which is old enough to participate. Nadia Comaneci was 14 in the 1976 Olympics. It was okay to be 14 years old in the Olympics at that time, but now you must at least turn 16 during the year of the Olympics to participate.

What age should you be to enter the Greek Olympics?

You have to be at least 20 years old to enter the Olympics. Women could not watch or participate in the Greek Olympics.

How many countries will participate in 2012 olympics?

216 countries will participate in 2012 Olympics.....

How many countries currently participate in the Olympics?

203 countries currently participate in the Olympics

What age can you participate modern U.S Olympics?

You can participate in the U.S Olympics at the age of 12.

How many nations will participate in the Sochi 2014 Olympics?

88 nations will participate in the 2014 Olympics.

How many sports can an athlete participate in at the Olympics for example can a person do swimming and cycling and athletics?


Was Mother Teresa in the Olympics?

Mother Teresa was far from an athletic person. She did not participate in the Olympics as she had a higher calling.

What year were woman allowed to participate in the olympics?

It was in 1900 when women were allowed to participate in the Olympics. The 1900 Summer Olympics were held in Paris, France.

How many events can the men participate in for the summer Olympics?

Men can participate in 26 events for the summer Olympics.

Dose the Vatican participate in the Olympics?

Vatican City does not have a National Olympic Committee and, therefore, does not participate in the Olympics.

How old do you have to be to enter the Olympics?

The minimum age to participate in the Olympics is 15, and you have to be turning 16 that very year. the minimum age is 13 .but that is very rareYou have to be over 18 to be in the Olympics.

What is the minimum age to participate in the Olympics?

a gymnast must be at least 15 years old AND turn 16 before the end of the year to be eligible to participate in the Games.

What year did Canada first participate in the Olympics?

1900 for the Summer Olympics and 1924 for the Winter Olympics.

How many countries participate in Olympics?

252 countries are partisipating in olympics

Is New Zealand in the Para Olympics?

Yes we do participate in the para Olympics

Did Martin Brodeur ever participate in the Olympics?

Yes, in 1998, 2002, 2006, and he has been selected to participate in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Who will participate in the Olympics?

ususan bolt

When did Germany participate in the Olympics?

in 1339

What countrys participate in the Olympics?