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Officially you can start a team at any age. However most fields will only allow 12 and up to play. Though there is no rule stating you can't have a backyard team.

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Q: How old do you have to start a paintball team?
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Can you start a paintball team at 11 years old?

You can start playing paintball at 11, so starting a team before you've even played is not wise.

How do you start a high school paintball team?

Watch the related link: "Starting a new paintball team". From Mike @ TechPB.

How do you start a team?

You can start a recreational team with your friends or at a club or any gathering that are interested in paintball (like online paintball forums). However, if you want to have a sponsor, you will have to register with a company and see if they are willing to sponsor you.

Can a ten year old have a paintball gun?

Yes! 10 is when you can start playing paintball so it seems only right to have a paintball gun.

Can a 13 year old boy join a paintball team?


Who is swift paintball team?

Swift paintball team are a paintball team based in england. they play speed ball and woods ball but are more for the speed ball

Is 9years old a good age to start paintball?

No, you must be atleast 11.

What is tyranny paintball team?

TYRANNY paintball team is a Rookie/Novice team that plays out of Murder Inc Paintball in St. Augustine, Florida. Brandon Evans is the captain.

Who are swift paintball team?

Swift paint ball team are a team based in the south of England who play in all types of paintball

How do you join a paintball team?

you ask some people if they want to be on a paintball team and if they say yes your team is beginning and if they say no keep asking

Can a 12 year old play on a paintball team?

Of course! Most fields do not let anyone play till they are 12, therefore there is no reason why a 12 year old cannot play on a team. It would actually be better to start younger and improve your skills as soon as possible.

Can a 11 year old play paintball?

It depends on where you are playing paintball but i think an 11 year old can play paintball :D

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