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Dogs can be as young as one year and as old as 12. Generally they range from 2 -7 or 8 years of age. After retiring from racing many Iditarod dogs continue doing training runs as "teachers" for the younger dogs.

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Q: How old are the dogs that are used in the iditarod?
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What kinds of dogs are used for the Iditarod?


Where do dogs sleep on the Iditarod trail?

The mushers have baskets that carry the gear on the Iditarod Trail. These baskets are used to let the dogs rest while on break.

What is the maxamm number of dogs in a iditarod?

what is the maximum number of dogs in the iditarod?

In the Iditarod what is the fewest dogs to pull in the Iditarod?

The Maximum is 16 dogs the minimum is eight dogs.

What are the types of dogs used the Iditarod?

mostly huskies and newfoundlands.

What types of dogs are generally used in the Iditarod?

Siberian Huskies

What type of dogs are used in an iditarod race?

15 degrees

How many dogs are you allowed to race in the Iditarod?

6 dogs is the minimum number of dogs that you have to finish with in the Iditarod.

Max number of dogs you can race in Iditarod?

The maximum number of dogs you can run in the Iditarod race is 16 dogs

What kinds of dogs are used for the Iditarod race?

usahally the big ones

What is worn by horses and Iditarod dogs?

The thing that is worn by horses and Iditarod dogs is called a harness.

In the Iditarod what is the largest dogs to pull in the Iditarod?

the bigest and the strongest dogs are hoock in the very back.

What breed of dogs are snow dogs?

They are Husky 's if you mean the ones in the Iditarod in Alaska.There are also Malamutes. And Samoyeds used as sled dogs.

What kind of dogs are used in the Iditarod?

they use mulmutes if they want speed and huskies

How are sled dogs used today?

people mostly use them in iditarod races and for work.

How many dogs can a iditarod musher have?

16 dogs

Why did the Iditarod begin?

iditarod begin to deliver mails on sled which is pulled by the dogs

What is the average dogs in th Iditarod race?

16 dogs

What is the maximum of dogs to finish the Iditarod?

6 dogs at the finish

Why did the mother and father of the Iditarod want to start the Iditarod race?

because they want to go sledding with dogs

Can Alaskan Malamutes run the Iditarod?

Generally no, Alaskan Malamutes are rarely, if ever, used in the Iditarod. This is because Iditarod racers breed their own variety of crossbred dogs that perform better in the endurance-testing race. Purebred Alaskan Malamutes are too heavy and prone to inherited illness to be used, although theoretically they could be used. The more experienced racers use a mixture of Labrador, Lurcher and Husky dogs to pull their sleds.

What is the highest number of dogs you can have at the iditarod?

You start with 12 dogs and the most is 16 dogs.

How many dogs does Kris Hoffman have for the iditarod race?

Kris Hoffman actually has 16 dogs total for the Iditarod race of 2011. All mushers start with 16 dogs

What is the maximum of dogs you can have in the Iditarod?


What is most amount of dogs you can race in the Iditarod?