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Pro Boxers fight from 2 to 4 times a year.

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Q: How often can a boxer fight?
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If a boxer faints in the middle of a fight what happens?

they will stop the fight

Who was the first boxer to be paid 100k for a fight?

It is likely that Joe Louis was the first boxer to be paid 100,000 for a fight. He was paid that amount for his second fight with Rocky Marciano.

Who would win in a fight between a boxer and a kick boxer?

Kick boxer A Kickboxer would knock a boxer out any day!

Heavyweight boxer that never lost a fight?

Rocky Marciano was the only heavyweight boxer who became world champion and never lost a fight.

How much a pro boxer get each fight?

Depends on the fight, championship.

What would win in a fight rottweiler or boxer?

Boxer is no match for the Rottweiler

What is the average salary for a professional boxer?

The payment for a professional boxer is about $500.00 per fight at minimum.

Who prepares a boxer for a fight?

Their trainers and coach.

Who would win in a fight a boxer or a MMA fighter?

a mixed martial artist would win by far in a street fight or a no rules fight but in a boxing match a boxer would win, all around mma fighters are more dangerous because they use there intire body to fight but a boxer uses just there upper body.

When is boxer naseem hamed next fight?

in a week

How did boxer get its name?

The Boxer gets its name because when the Boxer is in a fight it stands on its back legs just like a human and then it looks like it punches with its front paws and it looks just like a real boxer.

What is the difference between a girl boxer and a boy boxer?

they fight and train the same way. The only difference is the obvious ones

Can 50cent fight?

yeah he was a boxer before becoming a rapper

Who is hector carraquilla?

youngest boxer to fight for world title

Who is the highest paid boxer per fight?

i am peter i also

How often does a boxer have pups?

a boxer should only have pupies twice every four months

How much do professional boxers earn a fight?

how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn? how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn? how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn? how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn?

Who would win in a fight a boxer or a pit bull?

In a fight between a boxer and a pit bull, chances are the pit bull would win the fight. This is because back in the old times, the pit bulls were bred and taught to kill other animals.

Is manny pacquiao the best boxer in the world?

there should be fight between pacqiao vs vitali or his brother, and then it will decide who is the best boxer.

Why is it possible for a boxer to hold the championships of two different weight classes at the same time?

A boxer does not have to select which weight class they will fight in. They may fight in any weight class as long as they weigh less than the maximum for the class the day before the fight at the weigh-in.The boxer will schedule fights in both weight classes months apart from each other. This allows the boxer to make the weight for one fight and have several months to gain or lose weight to make the weight for the other class.

Which would win a fight a bull boxer or rottweiler?

Both breeds will not fight a bull. They would only chace them.

Which boxer bit evander holyfields ear in the fight?

Mike Tyson

What boxer was paid the most for a heavy weight fight?

Shaba Edwards

How much money does a heavyweight boxer get if he wins a fight?

It depends on his experience.

How many times does a boxer get hit in an average fight?

depends init.