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3 times, '64, '74, '78.

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Q: How many tme has ali won the world boxing heavyweight title?
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Who was Tommy Burns?

In the boxing context Tommy Burns was a world heavyweight champion who was the first white boxer to agree to fight a black boxer for the world title. On Boxing Day 1908 he lost his title to Jack Johnson who became the first ever black heavyweight champion of the world. Johnson was not the first black champion as many books say. tHAT HONOUR GOES TO First Black man to win a world boxing title; held three world boxing titles: paperweight, bantamweight and featherweight; invented shadow boxing and the suspended punching bag; fought in the world's longest fight.

How many boxing matches did Sammy Luftspring referee?

15, including 1 world title fight. ernie terrell vs george chuvalo for the WBA heavyweight title in 1965.

How many times has hbk been world heavyweight title?

He is a 1 Time World Heavyweight Champion

How many belts does Lennox Lewis have?

World Titles. WBC heavyweight title (1992-1994) WBC heavyweight title (1997-2003) Lineal heavyweight title (1998-2003) IBF heavyweight title (1999-2002) WBA heavyweight title (1999-2000), IBO heavyweight title (1999-2003)

How many times has aj styles held the Tna world heavyweight title?

he has won the NWA heavyweight title 3 times in TNA and has won the TNA heavyweight title once

Who will win world heavyweight title?

There are many wrestlers who could.

How many times edge wins heavyweight title?

Edge is a 5 time World Heavyweight Champion.

How many times did ali win the world heavyweight title?


How many times did khali hold the world heavyweight championship title?

The Great Khali has held the World Heavyweight belt one time

How many black heavyweight boxing champions?


How many times has big show won the world heavyweight title?


How many rounds in a world title boxing fight?