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12 million pounds

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Q: How much would it be for a football?
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How much does a Football Stadium Cost?

It would cost $5,000,000

How much does it cost to build a football field?

The amount of money that it would cost to build a football field would vary depending on the type of field. An average football field would cost millions of dollars to build.

How much do you travel when you are an NFL football player?

during football season i would say three times a week

How much would a roger staubach autographed football be worth?

About $1,000.

How much money would the 1950 football players make a game?

Much less than they do now.

How much would it cost you to build a football field on your own property?


How much time do you see NFL football players play ina football game?

i would say around a third if there on defense

How much would an autographed Peyton Manning football be worth?

If it is authentic and a real nfl licensed football, they can be worth $500-$800.

How much air is in a professional football?

How much air in football

How much does a football weigh in kilograms?

Well this is unconventional since a football doesn't even weigh a pound, but it would be approximately .42 kgs

Where would a football player work at?

An NFL football player works at their training facility. They don't do much "work" but they practice nearly everyday.

How much of the population likes football?

I would say about 45% to 60%. American Football is one of the most popular sports in the whole world.

How much would it cost to be on a NFL professional football team?

It would cost nothing, you get payed to play in the NFL

How much exercise does football require?

alot !! take as much as you can out of football

How much is a Pompey football shirt?

how much is a Pompey football shirt

How much would an autographed Joe Montana and Jerry Rice Wilson football be?


How much would it cost to start a football club?

300 hundred thousand pounds

How much would it cost to pay a contractor to paint a football field?

400,000 dollars

How much is a football signed from the Atlanta Falcons football team football worth?

Depends on how much your willing to pay for it

How would you draw a football scoreboard?

How would you draw a football scoreboard?

How much do you have to weigh to go into jv football?

I Would Say About 140 that's what I am and I'm Fine

How much would programme and ticket for football England v Scotland 1953 be worth?


How much is a signed Matt herlihy football worth?

If you HAD one (which you dont) i would say about $340.00

How much would a football field with a track around it cost?

and could also be used for soccer

How much money doe's football players get?

they make millions of dollars but shouldn't be paid that much if u want to be a football player i would say choose a different career because most likely you wont be one and what happens when football season is over with or your too old that you cant play football anymore