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Football cleats come in two different heights with each one geared a little bit differently to cater to the needs of all players - what position your son plays and his playing ability is key in deciding.

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Q: How much will good quality football cleats cost?
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What are some good soccer cleats for kicking footballs?

why would you use soccer cleats for football

Are diadora soccer cleats weak?

Odd question, but to answer it...I have been playing Football (Soccer) for better part of 40 years and have seen terribly manufactured cleats as well as very well constructed cleats from ALL Manufacturers. If you purchase the lower cost cleats, you get lower quality cleats. Same goes for the opposite, often if you spend more money you receive a better quality cleat. That being said you can have cleats that will prove me wrong on both points. One of the cheapest cleats I bought (Mitres) lasted me a long time with continual use. I have also purchased very expensive cleats (Adidas Copa's) and they didn't make it half a season. My experience with Diadora has actually been quite good, as long as you purchase a higher quality leather pair, you will usually get your wear out of them.

Is it feasible to wear football cleats for playing softball and what are the pros and cons and differences?

You can wear football cleats for softball/baseball. They will not perform as well though. Depending on your level of play this may not mean much...less than a tenth of a second in a 90' base path. You CAN NOT wear softball/baseball cleats in most other sports. Baseball cleats are normally flat and metal. They also have a "toe" cleat that works well in loose dirt. This toe cleat can cause injuries in sports like soccer, and is why they are normally banned. Most kids wear football or soccer cleats for all sports due to their interchangability and the cost of buying multiple cleats. Good football cleats often have interchangable cleats, for different field conditions.

What is the best pair of football cleats?

The ones that make you play good

What are the best football cleats for wide receivers?

short spiked cleats are best for wide receivers because they allow you to move faster; while large spiked cleats are good for the defensive line.

Where to buy soccer cleats?

I say that the best place to buy cleats is All-Star Soccer because they have very good quality cleats for a fair price. I got my new nike Mercurials for $60!

What type of stores specialize in football cleats?

Sporting good stores specialize in football cleats as they should. If one needs them custom fit they may ask a foot specialist for a recommendation and they will provide a great source.

Where to buy cheap soccer cleats?

I say that the best place to buy cleats is All-Star Soccer because they have very good quality cleats for a fair price. I got my new nike Mercurials for $60!

What are the Types of lacrosse cleats?

There are two ways to fix this problem: 1) Specially designed cleats for lacrosse only, such a warrior's burn 2.0. Even though there is a limited amount of lacrosse cleats, big companies are coming out with cleats specially for lacrosse. Such as the new Nike talons. 2) Use football cleats specially made for turf, grass, etc. They are not made for lacrosse, but as in football, they are light, good for cutting, and have good protection for your ankles.

Are metal or molded cleats better?

for baseball metal cleats are usally the one you want do to the dirt but with metal cleats you cant cut as good like the molded ones trust me i had a pair for football if its not turf you want detachable

Can you use football cleats for baseball?

I don't think it would matter, but it's not a good idea

Can you use baseball cleats for football?

I don't think it would matter, but it's not a good idea

Does the new Adidas football cleats have good traction?

Actually the NFL's new uniforms are by Nike not Adidas

What are the lightest football cleats?

The lightest are the Adidas Scorch line but they suck. You want to use Nike Vapor Jet 4.2 Or Nike Carbon Vapor Fly. If you want even lighter cleats that are under 8 ounces and are still good. Use Nike Mercurial Vapor Soccer Cleats. But be ready for your foot to hurt i you get stepped on by metal cleats. ONLY USE NIKE CLEATS!!!

What are good football cleats?

nike speed td, nike vapors really anything nike but it depends if its grass or turf all the ones I just said are good turf shoes grass i would actually get nike landsharks ugly cleats but they get the job done

What kind of shoes do football players use?

Footballers wear cleats, shoes with studs on the bottom to get a good grip in the wet soil.

Where can you get good softball cleats?

I highly recommend ringor cleats.

What is cost of poor quality Explain bad cost good cost and ugly cost?

The cost of poor quality is defined as the costs that would disappear if the processes, systems and the products were perfect.

good quality dentures upper and lower for person on a fixed income what would the cost be.?

Good quality denturesupper and lower for a person on fixed income what would the cost be.

Why would it be bad to wear a football cleat to play soccer?

Football cleats are specifically designed for football. They are larger, especially around the ankle, which gives the wearer more support on the football field. They also have a center stud which is illegal in soccer. Soccer cleats are slimmer and designed for optimum performance on the field. The size and weight of the shoe makes it possible for the player to run faster and longer, unlike football there are no timeouts. The shape of a soccer cleat helps to provide a good touch on the ball.

Why quality product should cost less?

Quality products should cost less become people need good quality merchandise. Clothing is a requirement and if the clothing was of good quality than people could save money and be dressed better. Cheap products cost less and break easier; if a good quality product was less expensive more people would be willing to purchase the product.

How good are Mizuno football boots?

Best quality football boots I've owned in 35+ years playing.

Is American high school varsity football team good?

Varsity football teams are not good just because they have quality education and top sport equipment does not mean there good

What are the best cleats for a football fullback player?

Anything hightop like nike alpha speeds are very good and i sugesst the under armour highlight cleat if you have the money

What do you do when your screw in cleats fall apart?

What I would advise you do is get new cleats, maybe a better brand, the brand you made might not make good cleats?