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youre an idiot!! ncaa players are college players, they dont get payed!! MORON!

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Q: How much salary does a NCAA basketball player make each game?
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How many fouls does each player get before fouling out in men's NCAA basketball game?

A player is disqualified in NCAA basketball when being charged with their 5th personal foul.

How many fouls does each player get before fouling out in a women's NCAA basketball game?


What is the salary for a women's basketball player in Europe?

there are different tiers of girls basketball in europe. What is an average salery for each of the tiers?

How many fouls can be made before a player fouls out of a game in NCAA college basketball?

Each player gets 5 personal fouls.

What was the payout for each team in the 2011 NCAA basketball tournament?


How many times outs are given to each team during a college basketball game?

Each NCAA opponent gets five time outs during a college NCAA basketball game.

When do NCAA basketball polls come out each week?

The NCAA basketball polls are released each week on Monday. Both The AP and USA Today/ ESPN polls are available on the ESPN website at the Related Link.

How many basketball players are on a ncaa basketball team?

It varies for each team, but most have around 13-15

How much does a basketball player make each month?

It depends on how much the players earns on his/her contract annually. The better the player, means a better contract and a higher salary.

Why isn't NCAA basketball on the Wii?

Because Nintendo and the National Collegiate Association of American (NCAA) do not have an agreement with each other, so Nintendo can not sell anything NCAA Licensed.

What was the payout for all teams in the 2011 ncaa basketball tournament?

two million for each team.

How many NCAA basketball players play in the game at one time?

5 players for each team.

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