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If you practice alot you will become good Basketball player each day trust me I was in Basketball

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Q: How do you become the best basketballl player?
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Is Justin bieber going to be a NBA player?

no he doesnt like basketballl

What is America's top sports?

soccer and basketballl

Who is the best tennis player and how did they become the best?

Novak djovich

What is Virginia state basketballl team?

pittsburg panthers

What is an defensive tactic in basketball?

there is no devensive tactic in basketballl

How do you become the best guitar player?

by practicing

Name a very famous English football player?

Unlike Basketballl, Baseball, and Basketball, Football has not seen a great influx of non-American talent. There has yet to be an Engish player of any note.

How can you become a famous baseball player?

You can become a famous baseball player by entering on a team and try to be the best one and you will be a famous baseball player

How can you become the best basketball player ever?


How do you become the best player soccer?

Learn from me. Period.

When did Cristiano Ronaldo become the best player?


What cager or basketball superstar has the first name Michael?

Michael JORDAN is basketballl player per crossword puzzle in Nashville TN the "cager" is also Michael Jordan :)

What opinions do people have on ronaldinho?

to become a best soccer player

What day was basketballl invented?

December 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, a teacher

How do you become the best soccer player ever?

The best soccer player till the date is Lionel Messi.He is humble,fast and incredible goalscorer.

How do you become a Bakugan master?

then you must beet the best bakugan player and that is me

How do you become the best basketball player ever?

To become the best you have to play like the best,belive your the best, and practice like the best also never give up Michael Jordan never gave up

How far is the three point line from the basketballl hoop?

23 ft 9 inches

What is the best college to go to to become a football player?

Louisiana State University

A skill that helps a player become a better player?

the best one would be ball handling in my opinion no matter what the position.

How how did Michael Jordan become a legend?

He became the worlds best basketball player and then retired.

Where is Carlos Valenzuela right now?

dominican Republic with his friend Henry,Kenny;and Miguel Playing Basketballl

What is the best path to become a professional tennis player?

the best path to become a professinal tennis player is follows: first of all u have determination,commitment and so on.. then the way is to ask the professinal tennis players like sania,mahesh bhupathi..

How do you become an indoor football player?

Best way is to just ask a coach or player on one of the teams. Or go on you-tube and do a search on becoming a football player.

Is Kieran Miles Of San Diego going to become the best football player ever?

probably not