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Depends on how much effort you put into playing.

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Q: How much running is in basketball?
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When dribbling a basketball do you have to be walking or running?

You can be walking, running, or standing still when dribbling the basketball.

Do you have to run a lot in basketball if so are there any positions that you dont have to run as much and do you have to run more in basketball or volleyball?

Yes there is a lot of running in basketball (full court or half court). Either way you will be doing lots and lots of running and jumping, although the intensity is dependent on the pace of the game. You have to run much more in basketball than volleyball.

What is the antonym of basketball?

Track, running

How much are youth basketball refs paid?

usually between 40-60 dollars a game depends on who is running the company

What is a Sport involving running jumping and throwing?

uh... pretty much all competition sports, cept for soccer, which is running jumping and kicking Rugby,gridiron,basketball,netball

How does a basketball player practice?

by running, dribbling, shooting

What is a running commentary?

Like play-by-play in basketball.

What sports do Yale university have?

football, running and basketball...

What were Wilma Rudolph hobbies and interests?

Basketball and running

Would you get healthier by playing basketball or doing boxing?

They are like equal. Basketball more for running. Basketball is alot more fun.

Who work harder track or basketball?

BASKETBALL. Definitely basketball. Track is just running and stuffZ. Basketball is cutting sprinting coordination and all sorts of jazz.

What is a running and stopped clock in basketball?

A running clock is where during the whole game the ball is in play.

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