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Running, Soccer, Racing Car Driving, Football, Basketball And Netball

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Q: What sports need speed?
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What sport do you need leg speed for?

A lot of sports involve leg speed. Baseball, American football, tennis, Track and Field, and other sports involve the need for leg speed.

What sports require stamina?

You need stamina to compete in most sports, but in some you just need few explosions of speed

What sports need ice skates?

The sports of figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey all need ice skates.

What is the definition of speed in sports?

at is the definition of speed in sports

What does the EA sports stand for in the game of need for speed carbon?

Electronic Arts

What do you need while playing certain sports?

To play a sport you need the gear, confidence, strength, vigor, and speed.

What are the six basic sports skills?

Well, it is different for different sports. For example, if you are doing soccer, three skills are receiving the ball, passing, and shooting the ball. Some sports and also needed in soccer, you'd need speed. But not all sports need speed. For example, squash. Well, you kinda do need speed. But not that much. You just have to know how to go back and forth the court and have arm stregth to hit the ball as in tennis. This may not be the six basic sports skill, but hopefully it will help.

What are the skills needed in sport?

There are different skills involved in different sports but skills needed for all sports are: - Co Operation - Stamina However for indivdual sports such as running you would need speed or when playing basketball you would need speed, hand eye co ordination and other skills.

Why do you need speed in sport?

Speed helps in the over all difficulty in the sport. Some sports you don't require speed like bowling, video games, etc.

What sports don't need speed?

soccer baseball golf water polo any track and field sports anything in the winter and summer olympics

What are the importance of speed velocity and acceleration in sports?

what are important speed, velocity and acceleration in several sports

What are the connections with figure skating and speed skating?

figure skating and speed skating use skates, and are on ice. to do both of these sports you need strong muscles in your legs. you also need good posture.

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