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2milliopn dollars

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Q: How much money was Michael Phelps charged with for smoking the pipe?
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How did Michael Phelps make money?

He gets endorsements from companies.

How much money did Michael Phelps make at the Beijing Olympics?


How much money has Michael Phelps won?

65 Million including endorsements

How much money does Michael Phelps make in a year?

Around $10 million.

What does Michael Phelps do with his money?

Micheal phelps uses his money mostly to support his family. He also uses it to buy swimming equipment. He donates a lot every year to charities. Then the rest is for pleasure.

How much money did Michael Phelps win for his gold medals?

10000 million but because of tax it became 100million the rich doochbag lol joking hes awesome

How much money does David Phelps make?

MLB player David Phelps made $541425 in the 2014 season.

How much does Michael Phelps get paid?

No official amount he wins money and gets sponsored i know that at the 2008 Olympics he will get 1 Million from Speedo if he wins 7 gold medals

How much do you get paid if you win a medal in the Olympics?

Individual Sports50,000 naira for a gold medal25,000 naira for a silver medal10,000 naira for a bronze medalTeam Sports/Relays$50,000 for a gold (family splits money)$25,000 for a silver (family splits money)$10,000 for a bronze (family splits money)For example: In the 2008 Olympics Michael Phelps got $37,500 for realys and $250,000 for individual events. So a the end of the 2008 Olympics Michael Phelps had made $287,500!!!!!!!!!!

How much money did Michael Phelps earn last year?

According to today show, he earned $4 million last year and has earned 12-16 million so far.

Who is the tallest Alex Rodriguez Michael Phelps LeBron James or Peyton Manning?

SOMONES watching million dollar money drop. Haha. It's Lebron James.

Does Michael Phelps receive money after his passed nine medals?

No the athletes only compete for the medals and nothing else they dont get an award or nothin.But they will get a good job afterwards cause people will know who they are.

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