Who make more money football or swimming?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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It depends on which people you are talking about. You could say Michael Phelps (Olympic Swimmer) makes more money than a linebacker of a small College Football league. But the average football player does make more money than an average swimmer.

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Q: Who make more money football or swimming?
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Who earns more football or basketball players?

football players make more money

Who gets paid more football or baseball?

Baseball players probably make more money because their contracts are guaranteed.

What is the sport whos make more money?

football,basketball,wwe wrestling,baseball

Who makes more money as a sport track or swimming athletes?

Swimming athletes make 10g a year sports track only makes 1 paeso a year

Does baseball or football earn more money?


Who makes more money football players or rapper?

A rapper make more money my uncle is a rapper Lil Wayne u now he make a yeAr

Does baseball make more money than football?

You would think that football is. But if you look at the whole picture they are about the same. Yeah people watch football more then baseball, but there is also baseball that people watch. But I also think that football gets a little more money because it the seats in the stadium are probably more then in baseball. But who knows. I think that they are the same.

What makes more money between basketball and football?


Who make more money football players or basketball players?


Why do the south African government spend more money on a football stadium than the poor people that live there?

they feel if they spend more money on a football stadium it will bring in more money !

Who make more money mlb or nba?

Its Cricket at 1st place and then football

Who gets more money a surgen or a football player?

The answer is a football player makes more. A football player makes 23.1 million if they win the super bowl. And a surgeon makes 329,229 a year, less then 2% of a football salery. Ans#2 Of course, that presumes that the football player in the example is one of the few hundredths of a percentage of the total number of football players who actually makes it to the Super Bowl--and that you can disregard all of the football players who make less than minimum wage working for farm teams. The handful of professional football players who actually make an enviable amount of money from the sport pales in comparison to the number of surgeons who make 6-digit incomes or more. That SOME football players make more money than SOME surgeons does not mean that ALL football players make more money than ALL surgeons. The same holds for rock musicians, drug dealers, and actors. Consider also the working lifetime for a surgeon. You don't find many football players retiring after playing for 30 years.