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Nothing their owner is in debt

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Q: How much money has Manchester united got?
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How much did united get for ronaldo?

Manchester United got 80 million euros for Ronaldo.

Are Manchester United better than Barceleona football club?

YES! there miles better got the best players and much more money

Who has the biggest global fanbase Chelsea or Manchester united?

Manchester United, definitely. We got the biggest fan-base on the planet.

What is Manchester's worst season?

either 1958 or 1974 were manchester united got relegated to the second division

What is Manchester united latest score against Machester city?

they lost the match by 6 to manchester city and 1 to the united side, wearst they got this season

Why is Manchester United the best in the world?

because they got the best players on the team :P

Who got sent off for Manchester United in the Champions League this week?

Jonny Evans.

Has Liverpool football club got more cups than Manchester united?


What year were Manchester United founded?

Manchester United FC were formed in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR (Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway) Manchester United was originally known as Newton Heath football club. They were founded in 1878. The club Changed its name to Manchester United Football club on the 26th of April 1902. They got bought out by J.H Davis who was managing director of Manchester Breweries. He decided to change the club's name to Manchester United Football Club.

How much do get for winning the champions league?

The 2010 -2011 champion Barcelona got 110 million pounds for winning the champion league.And the looser Manchester United got 64 million pounds.

Who got relegated from premier league and won it the following season with a different club?

It could be Alan Smith, he got relegated with Leeds united and won it with Manchester United.

Why did ronaldo go to real Madrid?

The main reasons for his move are , that the owners of Manchester United the Glazer family took loans to buy the shares of Manchester United, . And as he has to pay the money back , the one way to make money was to sell players, and he got 80 million pounds for Ronaldo.And Ronaldo was not happy in the final of the champion league verses Barcelona, and he wanted to leave.

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