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Q: Has Liverpool football club got more cups than Manchester united?
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Which is the best football club 20082009?

Manchester United and Liverpool.

What English football team has won the most trophies?

If you are asking which club, then it is Manchester United.

Which football club won the premier league in the 1998?

Manchester united won against Liverpool

What is the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United?

Manchester United and Liverpool are both football clubs in the UK. They are two of the most successful clubs in England and both claim the title of the Greatest English Football Club.

Is Liverpool football club the club with highest number of fans in the world?

Manchester united has the maximum fans worldwide

In which country is Liverpool Football Club?

Liverpool Football Club is in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Which club is better Liverpool or united?

manchester united

Display statistics of accomplishments between Manchester United Football Club and Liverpool Football Club?

check these out

What Premier league clubs are owned by Americans?

Manchester United - Glazer Family Liverpool Football Club - Fenway Sports Group Aston Villa Football Club

Which football club won the legue in 1999?

Manchester United won the title in 1996/7, beating Newcastle United and Liverpool to it.

You have scored for Manchester united against Liverpool and for Liverpool against Manchester united you won the premiership with a London club?

Nicolas Anelka?

Is carlton football club the best team?

No. The best teams are Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Shrewsbury Town. Manchester United is rubbish.