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anywhere from 120 000 to 400 000 dollars Canadian

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2009-12-03 00:10:40
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Q: How much money does a quarterback in the Canadian Football League earn?
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How do you join the CFL?

If you are asking how to become a player in the Canadian Football League, first become one of the top football players in North America, then ask for a tryout at one of the pre-season training camps. If you are asking about acquiring a franchise in the Canadian Football League, contact the league's head office with a business plan and a ton of money.

How much money does a college football quarterback coach make?


Is there a fantasy football league we will have to put no money down but you can win some money?

There is a fantasy football league that you can put down money and can win some money. This is called biding and gambling.

Who makes more money the National Football League or Major League Baseball?

Major league Baseball

Richest football league?

The richest football league is the Barclays Premier League. The most money, compared with other leagues, is spent on transfers and player's wages in the Premiership.

What prize money do the winners of the football league 2 winners get?


What is the best money fantasy football league?

CBS. You can win 10,000 dollars!

How much money do linemen make in minor league football?

150000-700,000 a year

What is revenue sharing in national football league?

Money sharing between owners and players

How much money did the national football league make in 2008?

Some $6.9 billion

Why were women not allowed to play football?

Actually, they can and there use to be a Women's football league. I just don't think it makes any money.

What happens to the money collected for fines in the national football league?

The money collected from player fines is used for charitable donations.

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