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Q: How much money does a college football quarterback coach make?
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Who is the richest college football coach?

Jim tressel is he is piad the most and also has the most money in the bank

How much money does a college baseball coach earn?

a college coach earn like 52,000 in a year .

What college sport has the most scholarship money per student?

Football is where all the money is at in College.

What is the salary of football coach of Alighar university?

i dnt excatly how much but its alot of money

What is the average salary for a Georgia football player?

College football players are not paid a salary and can be suspended or permanently thrown off the team for accepting money for playing. The current head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, as of June 2014, is Mark Richt.

How much money does a college football coach earn?

Joe Paterno makes 500,000 and Nick Saban makes 4 million a year. Coaches salaries range more than the nfl.

Which is larger NFL football or college football?

Both footballs are the same length, but the college footballs are wider for the sports and not the balls college football has more teams but nfl has more money

How much money does a college football scout make?


How much money does a quarterback in the Canadian Football League earn?

anywhere from 120 000 to 400 000 dollars Canadian

Why is college football so popular?

College football is popular because football in general is one of the most popular sports in the US. College is appealing to many people because the athletes are playing for the love of the game and not for money.

How much money do college athletic programs make?

There are a few articles on college football programs and money made in the related links below. Most of the time, any sport other than football and sometimes basketball, lose money.

Does college football make money for there colleges?

Football is the number one sports revunue generator on average for all colleges