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truth be told, socer players are payed a salary

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2012-02-20 01:21:35
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Q: How much money do Australian soccer players earn?
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What do soccer players earn?

Money. Fame.

Who gets more money between cricket and soccer players in the world?

The soccer plays earn more money.

How much do Australian netball players get paid?

Australian Netball players do not get paid as much as European soccer players or American baseball players. Some of the best players only earn $150,000 each year.

How much money do profesinal soccer players earn?

£25-£26 depending on how good you are

How does a soccer club earn money?

A soccer club can earn money buy selling players, winning a lot of games, if they are playing at their home ground they can get all of the ticket prices that are paid.

How much money do female soccer players earn a month?

$1 million dollars annually

How much money do sports people earn?

soccer players in the top teams could earm from 10,000 to 150,000

Do wrestlers earn more than soccer players?

No, most soccer players get about 200 thousand a week

Do soccer players earn more than soccer coaches?

The very best players will get more then managers.

Do soccer players get more money than the baseball players?

depends where they are playing. most soccer players in Europe earn a LOT more than baseball players anywhere, even in the US. But the quality of player earning the high amounts is PHENOMONAL!

How much do soccer players earn from 1 match?


How much do Australian soccer players earn?

According to one source, they can't earn less than $48K/year but I wonder how many earn more than that. The salary cap as of this year in the A-League is $2.48 million per club.

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