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Q: How much does a soccer player earn in a week in American money?
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Related questions

How much money does a soccer player earn in a month?

To Much

How much money does a soccer player earn in a year?

Omar bravo earn $1000000 per year with Chicago fire

How much money does Marta who is a Brazilian soccer player earn?

400,000 per year

How much money does a professional female soccer player earn?

between 25,000 to 35,000 average

How much money would a soccer player earn in a year?

Lets just say alot.

Who is the soccer player earn the biggest money?

David Beckham. It's mostly from sponsors though.

What do soccer players earn?

Money. Fame.

Who gets more money between cricket and soccer players in the world?

The soccer plays earn more money.

How does a soccer club earn money?

A soccer club can earn money buy selling players, winning a lot of games, if they are playing at their home ground they can get all of the ticket prices that are paid.

How much money does a soccer player earn?

This depends on the club and stature of the player, below is example of how much the top Twenty Soccer Players got payed in one year: {| border="1" cellpadding="2" !width="200"|Player !width="200"|Earnings (

Do baseball or soccer players earn more?

It depends on how famous or how good the baseball or soccer player is.

How do you get money from playing soccer?

Only if you go pro can you earn money or become a school coach.

How much money does a youth soccer coach earn in the us?

Most all youth soccer coaches are volunteers.

Is soccer considered a career or a job?

Yes, soccer is considered both. It is considered both, because soccer is what you do for a living and you make money and earn off it :)

How do you earn money on power soccer?

There are some websites you can use to earn money while doing your normal daily online activities like this one you can use my referral link here: (Make sure to skip the ads) and you can earn by doing simple tasks like Surveys, Playing your favourite games and reading articles.

How much money do pro soccer players earn?

It depends on the who the person is, and how he ontributes to the team. Take david Beckham as an example, he is a great soccer player, and contributes alot to whichever team is on. That is why he is getting paid 250 million dollars a year :)

What classes must you Excel in in order to be a soccer player?

To be a soccer player you don't have to excel in any classes unless you are trying to get a soccer scholarship to a university or college which would mean you have to earn a good grade average.

How much money does a professional girl volleyball player earn?

There is not set amount of money that a professional girl volleyball player will earn. This depends on age and skill.

How much money does the average basketball player earn?

They earn about 12 million.

What does soccer player Kaka earn per year?

6 million euros a year

How much money do female soccer players earn a month?

$1 million dollars annually

How much money does a soccer player earn per week?

it is not how much per week, it is per game/season. i think mia hamm made about 700,000 per season on the national team.

How much do American cattle veterinarians earn hourly?

The amount of money that American cattle veterinarians earn hourly varies. On average, they earn about 34 dollar per hour.

How much does the highest paid soccer player earn in south Africa?

Two hundred thousand

Which soccer player earn 5 million dollar per year from advertisement?

David becham