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how man bronze medals were won in the Beijing Olympics 2008

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Q: How much money did it cost to build the Beijing 2008 olympic grounds?
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How do you rent an apartment in Beijing during Olympic?

pay money

What type of money do they use in Beijing?

in Beijing they use yen as their currency

Do athletes get money for breaking an Olympic record?

yes,they get money

What currency is used in Beijing?

The money used in Beijing is the Chinese RenMinBi, or RMB for short.

Where does the concert ticket money go?

the money goes to the grounds for the place and there rest to the preformer

Do US olympic winner get prize money?

Yeah lots of money?!!..

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How can the olympic games be a waste of money?

well the Olympic games make more money then how much they pay for it. thank goodness for tourist that love sport

How much money did the Beijing olympic games cost?

They spent a couple million dollars on the 2008 Olympics

Do Olympic athlete pay money to eat while staying at the Olympic village?

no they go hungry for days