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yes,they get money

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Q: Do athletes get money for breaking an Olympic record?
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Do track athletes get paid for setting world records?

How much money do Olympic track and field athletes earn for setting a world record?

How much athletes paid for breaking world record?

A lot of money, so much that they should donate some of their winnings to people that have very little.

Do olympic athletes make money?

They definitely do because they're famous!!

When ancient Greece olympic athletes cheated what happend to them?

they have to pay lots of money

What prizes do olympic winners receive?

The Olympic Committee awards its athletes, $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze. The athletes still have to pay taxes on whatever money they win.

How are Olympic games not a waste of money?

It is not a waste of money because countries are able to showcase their athletes Also, it gives a country something to be proud of, and it is a huge thing for athletes.

How much money do athletes get for a gold medal and a world record?


How much money gain for breaking world record?

break the record and find out...

How much money to break world record in Olympic?


Why don't Olympians get money?

Olympic sports contenders are not paid for the competition. Until the 1970s, Olympic athletes had to be amateur, not paid athletes. However, some countries' athletes practiced full time; others were very limited as to who could sponsor their living and coaching expenses.

Do athletes get money for winning at the Olympics?

Most Olympic athletes do not get paid for winning at the Olympics. Many of the countries will pay the travel expenses of the athletes. Most athletes are sponsored and will receive bonus money from the sponsors for doing well or medaling at the Olympics. For more information, please refer to the related link.

How much money does an Olympic winner make?

Many nations pay their athletes for winning a medal, but the US does not. In the US, many athletes earn money from product sponsorship such as energy bars, drinks, bicycle manufacturers, etc.

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