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Q: How much money can you get for baseball cards from 1988?
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How much is jack clark baseball cards worth?

jack clark 1988 top cards

How much is a 1988 topps baseball complete set of cards worth?

MAny baseball cards from that era arent worth much at all. Old baseball cards got so much money that everyone started collecting them. No supply and demand for any of them. So no real value. Prob could get 5 bucks for all of them. Maybe 10.

How much money can i get if i sold over 100 baseball cards?


How much money is 449 baseball cards?

Depends on the cards. So you can't really get a value on the internet without telling the cards. But I've heard that a complete collection can be worth $20,000.00.

How much money can you get for 230 Pokemon cards?

not much

How much money will 10000 Pokemon cards bring in?

Depends what cards you have.

How much will you get if you sold 120 baseball cards?

it depends on what cards u have

How much money are Graphic cards?


How much is Topps 1988 Gallery of Champions Aluminum cards worth?

how much are this worth

How much are 1989 baseball cards worth?

I got a 61 mike schmidt cards how much is that

How much are 1988 baseball cards worth?

1988 Topps baseball cardsThe 1988 Topps baseball card set consists of 792 baseball cards. The set is worth about $10.00 in Near Mint - Mint condition. A sealed factory set is worth about $15.00. Key cards in the set include: Card number 64 - Ken Caminiti RC, Card number 450 - Barry Bonds, and Card number 779 - Tom Glavine RC. Other noted rookie cards include: Ellis Burks, and Matt Williams. This set was printed in great numbers and is difficult to sell.

How much are your baseball cards?

WikiAnswers is a question and answer site. We do not sell baseball cards. Try or to find a website that sells cards.

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