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Q: How much money can i get if i sold over 100 baseball cards?
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What is the value of a complete set of 1981 Fleer baseball cards?

over $100 with error cards

How much money does a baseball player get paid?

anywhere from 100k a year to over 30 milion a year

How many different Babe Ruth baseball cards were made?

there was over 100 diffrent Babe Ruth cards

How much is a set of Topps Black Gold baseball cards worth abcd set?

The year and condition can alter the value of the cards greatly. They usually go for over a hundred dollars a set.

Does baseball make the most money?

Footballers weekly salary have gone over the roof so they make much more then baseball players.

What is the value of 1992 Kansas City Royals team baseball cards worth?

Very little. Cards from the 90s were so over-produced that they can be found very cheap. Very few are worth much.

How many baseball cards are in a mile?

1 Mile of Baseball CardsA standard size baseball card measures 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches. There are 63,360 inches in a mile. If you lay the baseball cards end by end the long way (3.5") you would need 18,103 baseball cards (a fraction of an inch over a mile) If you lay the baseball cards end by end the short way (2.5") you would need exactly 25,344 baseball cards.

If Bailey gave 8 baseball cards to each of his brothers Bailey has 3 cards left over how many sports did he give away?

1 = baseball trick question :(

How much money does baseball players make?

Ranges from less than 1 million, to a little over 20 million.

Are Pokemon cards worth anything?

Are u kidding? of course Pokemon cards are worth money, if that's what ur taking about. but the cards have to be rare, because common ones are pretty much worthless. just go on eBay and people r selling Pokemon cards for sometimes over $20.00 a piece.

What are the disadvantages to using credit cards?

You have to pay back the money, if you have gone over your limit ! "/ x

Do Baseball cards worth go up over years or down?

the price goes up

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