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Q: How much laps do Olympic swimmers do every day?
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How much money do Olympic swimmers make?

How much do professional swimmers make? How much do professional swimmers make?

How much is 600 meter to swim?

every 100m is 4 laps 600m=24 laps if your counting one way a lap

What is the income for olympic swimmers?

Swimmers don't get paid much, as they have to be 'amateur' to compete in the Olympics. Most of their money is made from other jobs, and if their good enough advertising and sponsors. (Commercials, magazines, ads, etc.)

How much does 0.75 times 4 laps equals?

0.75 x 4 = 3 laps

How much money do Olympic swimmers make a year?

Probably around, depending on the sponsorship deals and endorsments, around 150k to 300k a year, going on about the top 10 swimmer in the US

How many laps in the 100000 meters track race?

25 laps if the track is a standard 400m long.

How much do professional swimmers make?


How much does an olympic runner get paid?

Olympic Runners get 4 million pounds a year and every month they get 900,000 Pounds. Now that's a lot!

How much weight can you loose if you run three laps?

honestly, not much, 3 laps everyday for a few months would not be a bad start though

How much laps would it take to complete a run of 2km?

Five laps of a 400 meter track (2 km = 2000 m & 2000/400 = 5 laps)

How much rest do Olympics get?

The Summer Modern Olympic Games occur every four years since 1896. The Winter Modern Olympic Games also occur every four years since 1924. So, since there were Summer Olympic Games in 2008, there will be Winter Olympic Games in 2010, and more Summer Olympic Games in 2012.

How much is 10 laps?

10 laps is 250 yards. Each lap is 25 yards, so ten is 250.

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