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In 2009 it was 23,140,000 Australian Dollars.

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Q: How much is the prize money for the Australian Open?
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How much does the runner up of the Australian Open get?

Runners-up at the Australian Open receive AUD $1,550,000 (£770,000) in prize money, while the champion home takes home double that (£1.6m).

How much prize money is the Australian Open?

The prize money increases each year. In 2013, the prize money for winning a singles title was 2.4 million and in 2014 it was 2.6 million. For the runner-up in the singles final was 1.2 million and 1.3 million respectively. The prize money amount will increase in 2015.

How much do players get for participating in the Australian Open?

That depends on how well they do in the tournament. The better they do the more points they get toward their ranking, and the more prize money is awarded to them.

How much money Serena Williams got for 2010 Australian Open?

2.325.000 Australian Dollars

How much prize money do you get for winning the US Open golf championship?


How much prize money do you get for being the runner up in the US Open?


How much money does second place get at the Australian Open?

923 dollars

How much is the Melbourne cup prize money?

6 Million Australian Dollars with an additional 500 thousand prize money for the winner of Melbourne Cup and the Irish St. Leger

How much prize money?

The question is misleading. How much prize money for what?

How much does the winner of the US tennis open get?

The total prize money alters regularly.

How much prize money did Darren clarke get for winning the open?

$1,451,830 for First Place

How much money does winner of Australian Open title win?

2,200,000 pound

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