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about 100thousand pounds

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Q: How much is paid to champion league winner?
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Who among the uefa champions league and the premier is more richer?

As the champion league is played to decide which club is best in the world , they are paid much more compared to E.P.L or the U.E.F.A.

How much does the winner of 'The Bachelor' get paid?

they get paid nothing!! ;)

How much does the winner of Dancing with the Stars get paid?


Do losers get paid in UFC?

Yes, however they usually don't get paid as much as the winner.

How much do you get paid on X factor?

They don't get paid, the winner gets a recording contract.

How much does the winner of Wimbledon get paid?

1.5 Million Pounds

How much does the first place winner of the masters get paid?


How much did the PGA winner get paid 2009?

around $5

How much is winner of Dancing with the Stars paid?

I think about 300,000

How much is paid to the winner of the champions league?

The European governing body says the successful club could receive as much as 40 million euros in prize money, including television revenue.

How much does the winner of the super bowl get paid?

2.5 million dollars.

How much did Barcelona get for winning the champions league?

It is possible that Barcelona were paid 40, million pounds for winning the final. As the teams get paid for entering, then increases when they reach the group of 16, and increases at the quarter finals, semifinals, and then the final amount for the winner.

How much to the super league rugby players get paid?

Much more then Australian Rugby League players

How much do Olympic gold medal winner get paid in South Africa?


How much does the winner of the british open get paid?

Stewart Cink got £750,000.

How much do you get paid on Britain's got talent?

The winner wins £100,000

How much do Western Hockey League players get paid?


How much do Champions league referees get paid?

2000 euros

Do premier league players get paid too much?


How much do NBA summer league players get paid?


Should footballers get paid as much as they do?

The answer's obvious, NO! They are all paid way too much, especially those in the Premier League.

How Much do the players get paid for going to the Super Bowl?

According to MSNBC, a winner's share is $68,000.

How much is paid out to the winner of formula 1 racing?

The amount of money they get is different from race to race

How much does a D league basketball coach get paid?

75 000

How much do actors get paid per movie?

They get paid a good amount of money, about 5.2 million a year and sometimes more if you are a Grammy and Oscar winner.

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