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Cesc is worth about...... 35 million?

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โˆ™ 2009-11-09 18:03:26
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Q: How much is fabregas worth in football?
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How much is fabregas worth?

around 50 ,000,000

How much is Cesc Fabregas worth?

he is worth around 45 to 50 million pounds now

Who is the captain of of arsenal football club?


Who is the best football playmaker in the world?

Cesc Fabregas

Who is the captain of arsenal football club?

Cesc Fabregas

Captin of arsenel football club?

francese fabregas

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What football team does cesc fabregas play for?


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What football position does Francesc Fabregas play for Barcelona?

Look fabregas was in the youth team in barcelona,not in the first team

How much does fabregas earn a week?

Fabregas earns a staggering £75,000 a week plus a little extra from his sponsors like nike for instance.Fabregas plays football for Arsenal and is the best in the world!

What football team does cesc fabregas support?

He supports Barcelona

Who is the captain of the arsenal football team?

Francesc Fabregas Soler. oh no wait fabregas left its Robin Van Persie

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Match attax 08 is emmanuel adebayor motm petr chech hundred club worth cesc fabregas hundred club?

but it depends wheather it's fabregas signed or not signed no, petr cech for fabregas is sort of worth it

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How much money does fabregas have?

Fabregas roughly has around the 100 billion pound area

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a signed nfl football from tom brady is definatly not worth as much as me

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how much is marc murphy football card worth green bay packers

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Depends on how much your willing to pay for it

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They are worth more than £2000,000,, i no !I wish i was worth that much !

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