Most goals in one game in world cup football game?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Most goals in one game in world cup football game?
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In a premiership game of football when are most goals scored?

Most goals are scored in the last 20 minutes in a E.P.L.

Which are most the goals to be scored in an official football game?

There is no limit, but you have to consider what is physically possible.

The most popular game in the world?


How do you win on table football?

Whoever scores the most goals, as set by the players at the start of the game.

What is the most goals scored by a team in a world cup game?

Hungary scored most goals in a world cup match.They scored 10 goals against El Salvador in the 1982 FIFA World Cup. In the 2015 Women's World Cup, Switzerland scored 10 goals against Ecuador and Germany scored 10 goals against Ivory Coast.

What is the world's most played game?

Board game? then the answer is Monopoly. Sport? then the answer is football (soccer)

Which is the most popular game in the world?

Football (Soccer if you're American)

What sport is the most watched in the world?

Without a doubt, the most watched sport in the world is soccer.

Who holds the most goals in 1 match in the world cup?

It was the Russian Oleg Solenko. with five goals in one game only.

Who is the hiest goal scorer in one match in world cup football?

Oleg Salenko (5 goals) Oleg Salenko set a World Cup record by scoring five goals in one game, for Russia against Cameroon on 28 June 1994.

Who had best goals per game in English football?

George Camsell

Is American football the the most physical game in the world?

No it isn't it is ufc fighting is