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Q: How much is an autographed soccer ball signed by the 2014 Mexican World Cup team?
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What is the value of whole team autographed photo signed by the 1966 world series orioles?

$350.-$600 is the value of the whole team autographed photo signed by the 1966 world series orioles.

How much is a signed Liverpool world cup soccer ball worth?

depends who signed it

What is the value of an autographed 1986 Mets World Series banner?

1986 NYM Pennant signed by Tommie Agee- $14.99

How much is a team signed 1994 US World Cup Soccer ball worth?


Who was the goalie for the Mexico soccer team on 1994?

The Mexican goalkeeper in the 1994 world cup was Jorge Campos.

Which players share the record for playing in the most soccer world cups?

I think it was a Mexican who played in five world cups in a row.

What is the value of the 1984 world cup soccer ball signed by the team?

There was no world cup in1984 it was in 1982 and 1986.

Who is the soccer player named Dunninho?

dunninho was a mexican hobo that came to the united states illegally and when to play on the u.s soccer team an got on it then won there world cup

Which two players have played in five different Soccer World Cup tournaments?

There were Lothaer Mathaeus and a Mexican who played in 5 world cups.

What is Guillermo Franco famous for?

Guillermo Franco is famous for being an amazing soccer player on the Mexican team. Guillermo Franco has led the Mexican team to victory in the World Cup.

How much would a soccer ball autographed by the 1999 Fifa World Cup USA women's soccer team champions be worth?

It would be worth around 500 to 1,000 dollars Black10 says: It would be quite expensive, but at the same time how many people in a life time get an autographed ball?

Who is the Mexican goalie who really stirred things up by wearing bright colors on the soccer field?

That would most probably be Jorge Campos, who was the Mexican international goalkeeper in World Cup 94 and 98.