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Guillermo Franco is famous for being an amazing soccer player on the Mexican team. Guillermo Franco has led the Mexican team to victory in the World Cup.

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Q: What is Guillermo Franco famous for?
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What is Guillermo Franco's birthday?

Guillermo Franco was born on November 3, 1976.

When was Guillermo Franco born?

Guillermo Franco was born on November 3, 1976.

How old is Guillermo Franco?

Guillermo Franco is 41 years old (birthdate: November 3, 1976).

Is guillermo franco Mexican?

no he is argentino

What has the author Guillermo Forero Franco written?

Guillermo Forero Franco has written: 'Sermones laicos y otros ensayos de \\' 'Entre dos dictaduras' -- subject(s): Politics and government

Places of famous filipino in sculpture and carving in the Philippines?

guillermo tolentino

What is guillermo tolentino's most famous art work?

Guillermo Tolentino's masterpiece, and most famous sculpture, is the Bonifacio Monument, standing at the intersection of Rizal Avenue and EDSA in Caloocan City, Philippines.

What are the names of five famous people in Mexico and why they are famous?

Carlos Santana, Guillermo Camarena, Richard Gonzales.

How old was Francisco Franco when he be can famous?

Franco was 47 years old when he won the Spanish Civil War.

Who was the most famous dictator from Spain?

General Francisco Franco Bahamonde, normally just called Franco.

What was Francisco Franco famous for?

Francisco Franco was a Spanish general from 1947 to 1975. He became famous for his brutal takeover of the Spanish government. He was in power until his death.

Which Mexican player started his career in Argentina with San Lorenzo?

Guillermo Franco is such player. He however, was born in Argentina and later acquired Mexican citizenship.

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