How much is it to paint ball?

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Paintball is an expensive sport, but is well worth it providing a great thrill.

Equipment is what costs you as the average marker tanka nd hopper setup will be $300-400.

To play one day with rental is around 35-70 dollars.

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Q: How much is it to paint ball?
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How much does paint ball armour cost?

about $30-50 dollars

Can you get a paint ball gun in chester?

Yes you can get a paint ball gun in a winchester! See.

What is the best paint to use on a soccer ball?

It is not advisable to paint a soccer ball. If it is a quality leather ball, any kind of paint would degrade the surface.

What is the fastest ball sport?

Paint ball

How much does a pro paint ball player make?

they make about 35 million a year!

How much does the Spyder MR2 paint ball gun weigh?

About 4-6 pounds.

How much do paint ball players make?

in a tournament they win money prizes vary

What type of paint is used to paint a golf ball?

Krylon Fusion paint

How do you paint a styrofoam ball?

you cant lreaaly paint it unless you spray paint it. what i did was to paint it with nailpolish

How much is a invert mini paint ball gun?

my dad sells them for about $43 to $50. is that what you wanted?

How much does triad paint ball gun cost?

they cost around 50-100 bucks

What is better airsoft or paintball?

Air soft is better in that it is much more realistic, cheaper, and can be played in a larger variety of environments (you can exactly play paint ball in your neighborhood, can you?). However, paint ball allows for fairer game play. This can be solved by buying paint ball BB's (paint balls in BB form) which are more expensive but less expensive then real paint balls. Basically, air soft is better if you are playing with honest friends or you don't have a paint ball arena in your backyard, but if you're playing with large teams or for competition and you have the money, paint ball is the way to go.

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