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Q: How much is a safety worth in a football game?
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How much is a vintage Tudor electric football game worth?


How much is a football worth that is signed by the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs team?

we hve football from superbowl game signed by kanas city 1969 then signed by len dawson when he was inducted in hall of fame hwo much is this worth

How Much is a Chris Cooley signed football worth?

How Much is the same Autographed football by Chris Cooley and Mike Sellers football worth

How much is a 1991 Robert Brown football card worth?

How much is Robert brown football cards worth

How much is a Tom Brady autographed NFL Football worth?

a signed nfl football from tom brady is definatly not worth as much as me

How much is a Franco Harris bobblehead worth?

A good bit because there are not many made. Especially if you got it at a football game.

How much is the football card Mark Murphy worth?

how much is marc murphy football card worth green bay packers

What president of the US called for safety reforms in the game of football because of the number of injuries?

Teddy Roosevelt made some comments about the dangers in the game. Interestingly enough, Woodrow Wilson, who was not much of an athlete and certainly never played tackle football defended the sport.

How much is a football signed from the Atlanta Falcons football team football worth?

Depends on how much your willing to pay for it

How much is a signed Derrick Thomas football worth?

I need to know how much my signed Derrick Thomas football is worth. It's in a case and has papers

How much is a Micheal Cobb football card signed worth?

i have a Michael Cobb football card signed what is it worth

How much is an official game football autographed by Jerry Rice worth?

An official football autographed by Jerry Rice is worth approximately $156. This value assumes the autograph has been authenticated by a reputable company. Autographs that aren't properly authenticated can be worth as little as half of market value. For more autograph football values, see related links.

How much is Jim Lynch football card worth?

How much is a Jim lynch card worth

How much is a Deion Sanders football card worth?

Worth $0.01.

In football how much is the extra kick worth?

it is worth 1 point

How much is fabregas worth in football?

Cesc is worth about...... 35 million?

How much is a Peyton Manning autograph worth?

if on a football, maybe 4-500, jersey 600-700, game used jersey or shoes-priceless

How much is a Notre Dame game played football worth?

Depends who u sell it to and depends on paper work, but to the right person for about $100 to $300.

How much is a Tom Bradey football card worth?

depends what brand made it, what year it was made and if it is limited edition, but usually football cards arent worth much

How much are football jerseys at a football game?

at least 34

How much football is played in a football game?

About 20 minutes

How much does it cost to get into a varsity football game?

It doesn't cost tht much proabably about 10- 15 dollars. If you know anyone whos playing than its worth paying the money!

How much would an autographed Peyton Manning football be worth?

If it is authentic and a real nfl licensed football, they can be worth $500-$800.

How much is the football industry worth?


How much is messi worth in football?