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Sorry only £15

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Q: How much is an original spurs v Chelsea fa cup final 1967 programme worth?
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Who is in semi final fa cup?

chelsea spurs eveton and liverpool

When did spurs last won a cup?

2008, when they won the Carling Cup. They beat Chelsea in the final 2-1 aet.

Chelsea spurs wolves and England former manager?

Glenn Hoddle

Are Chelsea Arsenal's Rivals?

yes but spurs are more of a rival to arsenal as they are closer but in terms of title races etc Chelsea would be

Which player moved from spurs to monaco to swindon to Chelsea?

Glenn Hoddle seb satchell

Who did jimmy greaves make his debut against for Chelsea 24th August 1 957?


Whats the score to the spurs and heat game?

The final score to the spurs and heat game was San Antonio Spurs 104 and Miami Heat 87.

How many times have spurs finished ahead of Chelsea in premiership?

0 they always finish in the same place

Who has won more trophies arsenal or spurs?

tottenham is the best because arsenal are rubbish

What four football teams based in London?

Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, West Ham, Spurs, Millwall, Crystal Palace

Who were FA cup winners in 1981?

spurs beat man city in the final

What was the final score of game 4 of the 2007 NBA Finals?

92-89 Spurs