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I was watching Sky Sports News and it said around £460m

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Please refine the question, Do you want the yearly amounts over his career, the average annual spend or the total?

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Q: How much has Sir Alex Ferguson spent at Manchester United on players?
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How much money have Manchester United spent in the season 20078?


Did david bekham play for Manchester United?

Yes, David Beckham spent part of his youth career at Manchester united (1991-1993) until he was promoted to the first team squad. He spent ten years (1993-2003) at Manchester united until he made the move to Real Madrid in 2003.

How much have Manchester united spent since start of premier league?


Who was the most famous person who played for Manchester United?

Christiano Ronaldo was one of the most famous players in the Manchester team. before he was sold to the Real Madrid team for 80 million pounds ,a world record for most spent on a single player.

Which football team has spent most on transfers in last 20 years?

Manchester United

How many trophies have Manchester united won since 1999?

$600 million ! ! ! ! ! Heaps Ayee . . .

Why are Manchester united the best?

All their player are made from scratch unlike other teams who but the good players which manchester united make i.e cristiano ronaldo was unknown before he came to manchester united and made history, wayne rooney,ryan giggs,david beckham. Manchestter United are known for creating good player and not buying them. They are the most succesfull soccer team and have barely spent money on player and they still win.

Will Manchester United sign Dimitar Berbatov?

On September 1st 2008 he signed from Tottenham Hotspur to Manchester United for around £30.75. Although fans haven't considered this money well spent.

Has Manchester United ever had an Irish manager?

Manchester United's only manager from the Republic of Ireland was Frank O'Farrell, who spent 18 months at the club between June 1971 and December 1972.

How much have Man Utd spent on Chris Smalling?

Manchester United have paid Fulham 7 million pounds.

Who has spent the most money on football transfers this year?

So far Manchester United with Sunderland not far behind

When was Manchester united promoted to division 1?

Manchester United spent a single season in Division Two, in the 1974-75 season, finishing first in this season and getting themselves promoted to the First Division. As of 2011-12, they have not spent a single season outside of the Premier League.