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heaps ay

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Q: How much energy do you use when you're playing basketball?
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How much does playing basketball pay?

2000000 a year

How much running is in basketball?

Depends on how much effort you put into playing.

Why was there a desire of the sport basketball that required so-much energy?

Basketball was developed out of a desire for a vigorous sport. why was there a desire for a sport that required so-much energy?

How much money do you make playing basketball?

It depends on how good you are.

What is the importance of basketball related to endurance?

With basketball you build endurance. When you have indurance you don't get tired when playing as much .

Why is it when im playing basketball outside the side where youre palms are my palms and fingers will turn white and look like there cracking and look very white is this a problem?

it could be because you're putting too much pressure on your fingers.

How much money does Gordon hayward make playing basketball?


Did Michael Jordan have any struggles in basketball?

yes, because he mest up his knees. by playing basketball to much.

Should you wear a mouth guard when playing basketball with braces?

No, it won't do much.

How much did Charles Barkley make while playing basketball?

4 dollars

How much salary does a NCAA basketball player make each game?

youre an idiot!! ncaa players are college players, they dont get payed!! MORON!

How much does basketball cost in the 1890s?

it didnt cost nething. basketball is a sport it just depends how yr playing it. NO COST! dummy. it didnt cost nething. basketball is a sport it just depends how yr playing it. NO COST! dummy.

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