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You don't necessarily need any education to play sports. Children have little education when they are small, but they play sports. For more sophisticated sports or to go professional, you should have education, from the basics of reading and writing and maths, right up to other professional qualifications. If your sports career ends suddenly, you need something to turn to as a way of making a living.

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Q: How much education do you need to play sports?
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What education does a NBA player need to qualify to play?

A degree in sports and have to go to traing camp.

What is the benefit of sports education?

Sports Education can be important to keep people away from slipping into obesity. It teaches you about sports and how to play them.

How much education after high school will you need to become an NBA basketball player?

Many professional sports look to the colleges for players. In reality you don't need a college education to play basketball, but getting a degree is smart and it is in the college sports program that a person can become a better player.

How sports and physical education assist on growth of sports?

In physical education, you are being conditioned for the sports you play. Therefore, it helps you grow in sports.

How much education do you need to become a basketball player?

nothing you just need to know how to play.

How much education do you need to play basketball?

At least 1 year in college

Do you need a scholarship to play college sports?

No you do not need a scholarship to play college sports. You need a scholarship to pay tuition.

How much of an education do you need to play NFL football?

none you just need to be 20 or 21 years of age

What education do you need to play rugby?

Technically you do not need a formal education to play the game. However you do need the ability to learn the laws, regulations how to play the game.

Why do schools teach physical education?

because some kids don't get enough exersize and they need it in school and it teaches them to play sports and be healthy

Do you need education to play baseball?


What education for Major League Baseball player?

You don't need any education to play baseball. There are rules for age and eligibility if you have entered school. If you mean 'what education would be helpful' you could major in Sports science or any physical education major.

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