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try Google or lbs

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โˆ™ 2010-04-11 02:12:08
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Q: How much does the 2011 Kink Kicker Bmx Bike Cost?
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Is the 2011 kink curb a good bike?

yes, i have one it is a really good starters bike

What is the best kink brand bike?

The best kink brand is a kink launch

Is the kink launch bike a good bike?

Yes a kink launch is a good bike its better than an hoffman

Should I get a 2011 kink barrier or a 2010 verde theory bmx bike?

id go with the kink barrier, better bike all round, the verde feels to small, the bars are to small, rims bend, stem scratches frame when you barspin, id go with the kink barrier personally

How good is the 2011 kink whip?

The Kink Whip is a very durable and light bike. It is really worth the price, and the only thing I would recommend is getting new grips.

Is the kink whip a good bike?


Is kink a good bike company?

kink is good if you are a B.m.x rider but they are pro so if you go to Bm.x. parks they are pretty good but not for mountain bike riding.

Is the kink gap a good bike?

No cuz it wired and ugly

What actors and actresses appeared in Kink Crusaders - 2011?

The cast of Kink Crusaders - 2011 includes: Lambodara Das

What is better Kink bikes or Mongoose bikes?

Kink makes a great bike. They are very strong. You can pick up a Mongoose at Walmart... you decide

Is kink a good bmx brand?

It all depends on which bike you get. The kink Apex and kink Gap are amazing bikes. It also depends on what your riding if its street i wouldn't recomend a kink but trials and park i would soo againn it all depends.

How do you un-kink a bike chain?

Some oil or WD-40 should loosen the kink in the chain, and then working it over with your hands should straighten it out more completely. It may not unkink fully until you have used it while actually riding your bike.

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