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Q: How much does rugby sevens players get paid?
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How much to the super league rugby players get paid?

Much more then Australian Rugby League players

How much do netball players get paid compared to rugby players?


Do rugby league players get paid to much and why?

In comparison to American football players and soccer players they certainly are not over paid but for the top players its considered that they may be under paid

Top 10 highest paid rugby players?

top ten highest paid rugby players

How much do professional women rugby players get paid?

I'm afraid that women rugby players do not get paid, therefore they are not professional as it seems they do not command a large enough audience. They are allowed to claim expenses but must do it for the love of the game & country.

It is fair that welsh rugby players get paid and women rugby players don't?

It has to be remembered that until recently (2003) Union players were not paid at all. The female game is developing and the gate money is increasing as is the sponsorship.

Who are the highest paid rugby players 2011?

daniel carter

Do Scotland team rugby players get paid to play for their country?

They have since 1995.

Where and when did rugby league originated from?

1908 when players became fed up with not being paid compensation in rugby union, Australia

How much do rugby league players get paid?

Between $30,000 to $450, 000 a season. Depending on the team, the athlete and his poisiton/role in the side.

Who gets paid more a rugby union player or a soccer player?

soccer players

What is the pay of rugby in the US vs rugby in other countries?

The pay depends on the level of Rugby. In the USA the game is amatuer I think so the domestic players are not paid. In the Pro Leagues in Europe for example they are paid less than soccer players with good players getting between 50000 and 100000 pounds a year to play. Extra money comes from sponsorship and a salary cap paid to international players along with any bonuses from club or country.