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Goal keeper from real Madrid get paid

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Q: How much does raul from the real Madrid get paid?
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When did Raul leave Real Madrid?

Raul left Real Madrid on 25th July 2010.

Who is the captain of real Madrid?


Who is top scorer from real Madrid?

The top scorer for Real Madrid is Raul.

What is the full name of Real Madrid captain Raul?

Raul gonzales

Who score against real Madrid like ex real Madrid player?


Raul gonsalis franciscon c rono?

Raul is the Real Madrid and Spains striker , he wears jersey number 9 at Real madrid.

How old the Real Madrid player Raul?

Raul was 35 years old.

Most appearances spanish player in real Madrid?

Madrid captain Raul.

Who is has the most starts for real Madrid?

It is Raul Gonsales.

How old is Real Madrid captain Raul?


Who is most capped real Madrid?

Raul the former captain of Real Madrid is the most capped player.

How much did ronaldo's get paid in real madrid?

cristiano ronaldo

What number did raul have in 1994 for real Madrid?

Raul has always worn his number 7 jersey.

How many games have Raul played with RM?

Raul has played 741 games for Real Madrid.

What country is the soccer team Raul from?

If you are referring to Raul the former Real Madrid forward then he is Spanish

Most appearances in the champions league?

Raul from Real Madrid.

Who is Real Madrid's all time top scorer?

It is raul

Who is the all time scoring leader of the Real Madrid team?

The all time scorer for Real Madrid is Raul.

How much did real Madrid pay for alonso?

Real Madrid paid Liverpool about 30 million pounds for Xavi Alonso.

How much did real Madrid buy ronaldo?

Real Madrid paid Manchester united a total of 80 million pounds.

When did raul wear the number 11 shirt for real Madrid?

Raul always wears number 7.

How many goals did raul scored with realmadrid in this career?

Raul has scored 315 goals at Real Madrid.

How much does ronaldo get paid at Real Madrid?

£ 27-97 a month

Who is the top goal scorer in real Madrid till now?


Real Madrid players worn the number 7?

Raul Gonzalez