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30 cents

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Q: How much does it cost to make a golf ball?
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How much does it cost to make one golf ball?

i dont know

How much is one golf ball worth?

To make? Retail? Wholesale?

What is the cost of a golf ball?

A golf ball can cost as little as £1 or $1 but as much as £3.50 or $4.50. Depends which brand you get. (Prices are not converted, they reflect the price differences between sales prices in UK and US)

How much does it cost to make a rugby ball?

to make a rugby ball it cost about 2-3 pounds!

Is a golf ball bigger than a cricket ball?

No, a cricket ball is much larger than a golf ball.

How much does a titleist golf ball cost?

About $40-50 or £30-40 for a dozen Pro Vs.

How much mass does a golf ball have?

The maximum mass for a golf ball is 45.93 grams.

How much does a golf ball weigh?

A golf ball can't weigh more than 45.9 grams.

How much does a Wilson golf ball weight?

Depends which model it is, but the maximum weight of a golf ball is 45.9 grams. You will find nearly all manufacturers make their golf balls to this weight to take full advantage of the rules.

How much does a golf ball weigh in kilograms?

Kilograms is not a useful unit to measure a golf ball. A golf ball must weigh no more than 45.9 grams.

How much does one golf ball cost?

Golf ball prices can vary anywhere from 25 cents a ball to about 5 dollars a ball depending on the quality. You can get a surplus of cheap balls from a store like Wal-mart. If you are buying top of the line balls you are looking at spending about 4-5 dollars a ball.

Which book is faster a football and a golf ball?

A football and a golf ball are both faster than a book, even if kicked with the same force. Between a football and a golf ball the winner will be the golf ball, because the football has much more drag.

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