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a new one should

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Q: Which goes farther a new golf ball or an old golf ball?
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If a golf ball has been used would it go farther than a brand new ball?

No, most likely it would go pretty much the same distance unless it has some damage. You probably wouldn't be able to notice much of a difference unless you are a very consistent striker of the golf ball.However, if you were using a real old school gutta-percha type ball then it would go farther after use. This is because the ball did not have dimples and after use it developed nicks and scratches that served as dimples. The reason dimples allow a golf ball to fly farther is a whole other topic however.

Does a golf ball get ruined in water?

No all new golf balls are covered with plastic if the ball is not cracked it should last until it does

How many dimples does the new titleist HP eclipse golf ball have?

The Titleist HP Eclipse golf ball has 330 dimples.

Is a golf ball a man-made system?

Yes, since it's first invention the golf ball has always been man made, the modern golf ball represents many years of development and new technology all of which are the result of man wanting to produce a better ball.

Does Tiger Woods use a new golf ball each hole?


Where can you get a smooth golf ball?

You cannot buy a smooth golf ball, it would not have a consistent flight. If you have plenty of time on your hands you could sand the dimples off a golf ball and see how unpredictable it is. Answer: That was the original golf ball, I don't think if it's still existing. Golf balls have dimples because it has a purpose and not jus a design. If you would know why, then I bet you will like the new one.

Does a new or a old soccer ball go farther?

it doesn't matter. a band new soccer ball is as good as an old soccer ball. depending on how much air is in your soccer ball, you'll know how far it will go.

Do golf pros use a new ball on every drive?

Professional golfers wouldn't use a new ball that often, but they would change a ball as soon as there is any imperfection on the ball they are using, a scuff or small cut. They would probably go through about 6 a round. Ernie Els believes there is only 1 birdie in each golf ball.

If you lose a golf ball Then take a penalty and hit another ball you then find the lost ball do you take the penalty or hit the lost ball?

Once you have taken the penalty and hit the new ball, you may not hit the old ball again. Play on with the penalty and the new ball.

When placing the ball for the new down how is it decided where it goes?

where the ball is at the end of the previous play. if they ran to the right the ball goes on the right hash, if they run to the left then it goes on the left hash and if the run in the middle it goes in the middle.

How many parts to a golf ball?

There are at least 3 parts to a golf ball. The core, the wind, and the outer cover. However, some of the new hi-tech balls may have more parts due to how they were designed.

Will an used baseball travel farther than a new baseball?

It depends on the brand of baseball, and your definition of used, in some cases yes a used one will travel farther, but if the ball is OVER used then you will get better results from a ball fresh from the package.

How long should a new golf ball be able to maintain its length and feel?

until u needs a new one

How do you choose a Golf balls?

I find that the best way to choose a new golf ball is to try out some different ones and know what you can do with each one. Then before you play in a competition, know what you will have to do and use the correct ball for the bob :)

Are new golf balls better?

Yes, new golfers have evolved greatly over the past couple of years. They are a lot softer, they go farther and they have a lot more spin.

Does the surface of a ball affect momentum?

Yes, the texture of the ball's surface affects the way it flies hence affecting the ball's momentum through the air. The most common application of this is in golf, where some very highly trained physicists are hard at work creating new and innovative shapes for the dimples in a golf ball.

What does a lacrosse ball boy do?

if a ball goes out to far he runs and gets it (before that he throws a new one in)

What is the best golf ball maker in the world?

hands down,coming from a serious golfer who used to play alot of balls it is the new titleist velosity ball

Life span of a new golf ball?

Golf balls are designed to last for years unless they are stored in an environment where extreme temperatures occur. Keeping golf balls in a cool, dry place should help preserve them.

What is the new volley ball scoring?

The game of volleyball goes to 25

Who created the golf ball?

Golf BallsGolfers soon tired of hitting pebbles and tried other things. The earliest man-made golf balls included thin leather bags stuffed with feathers (they did not fly very far). The gutta-percha ball was invented in 1848 by Reverend Adam Paterson. Made from the sap of the Gutta tree, this ball could be hit a maximum distance of 225 yards and was very similar to its modern counterpart.In 1898, Coburn Haskell introduced the first one-piece rubber cored, when professionally hit these balls reached distances approaching 430 yards.According to "The Dimpled Golf Ball" by Vincent Mallette during the early days of golf the balls were smooth. Players noticed that as balls became old and scarred, they traveled farther. After a while players would take new balls and intentionally pit them.In 1905, golf ball manufacturer William Taylor was the first to add the dimple pattern using the Coburn Haskell ball. Golf balls had now taken on their modern form.

What do they do with the old ball each year after the new ball is dropped on New Year's Eve in Times Square New York city?

it goes in a vault, special ones for 2000 and 2007 are displayed

Is medicus golf an special type of golf club?

They claim it is a new and improved club that will help improve your swing and send the ball on a smoother, and more accurate path insuring an improvement to your overall game.

Is New York to Portugal or New York to Venezuela farther?

New York to Portugal is the farther of the two.

When a golfer gets to a new hole where does he or she stand to drive the ball?

They hit their first shot on a new hole from the tee box, in between the tee markers as per the rules of golf.