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Soccer ball

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Q: Which one would compress more golf ball or a soccer ball?
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Why do people us a soccer ball for soccer?

Just the reason they use a basketball in basketball or a golf ball in Golf. To give uniformity to the game.

What did the soccer ball do?

it helps people get hurt and helps people win gamesAnswerThe development of modern 'rubber bladder' inflatable soccer ball first introduced in the 19th centaury allowed soccer to become a more technical game compared to the pigs bladder inflated leather balls previously use from medieval times.

Name a sport that does not have the word ball in it?

Soccer, tennis, hockey, golf

What bounces higher golf ball or soccer ball?

a normail bouncy ball, maybe a basketball

What do you call the ball of golf?

That would be a golf ball.

How not to blade a golf shot?

Try and focus on staying down on the ball, almost imagine you are hitting the ball into the ground, this will compress it and help get the ball in the air.

What balls bounces the most before stopping basketball soccer ball or golf ball?


Will dribbling with a golf ball everyday like a basketball improve your point guard skills?

Not much, if at all. Dribbling with a golf ball requires different hand movements and grips than if you were dribbling a basketball. Dribbling a basketball everyday or a soccer ball would work, but not so much a golf ball.

Can you clean a volleyball?

yes just like you can clean a football, soccer ball, tennis ball, and golf ball. ****

How is a soccer ball kicked?

A soccer ball is kicked by using your foot like a golf club and swinging it.....not the best description but it helps, right?

Would a frozen golf ball bounce higher than a hot golf ball?

No, the warmer golf ball would bounce higher.

What would you use to measure the diameter of a golf ball?

its a golf ball