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To be a soccer player you don't have to excel in any classes unless you are trying to get a soccer scholarship to a university or college which would mean you have to earn a good grade average.

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Q: What classes must you Excel in in order to be a soccer player?
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What do you need to be the best soccer player?

to be the best soccer player you need to have skills,moves,tricks and you have to be fast at soccer.

Do you need experience in order to be a soccer player?

No, I don't think so.

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How much minutes should soccer player run across the soccer field?

In order to make my soccer team we are required to be able to sprint the 120 meters in 17 seconds, jog back in 45, and than do that 9 more times. This could vary depending on who you play for.

What does a soccer player have to do in order to receive a yellow or red card?

There are 7 cautionable offenses and 7 send-off offenses specific in the Laws of the Game. A player must commit one of them.

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What do you have to do in order to be a soccer?

You don't have to go to a special college in order to become a professional soccer player. Join a team in your area, or join a club's youth training. Just practice alot, and do your best. Then, they will call you up to the first team. If you do really great, they might even take you in to your national team.

Do you have to take classes at ohlone college to play baseball?

Colleges require the player to be a student in the school in order to participate in any atheletic activity

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Not exactly, but you must be able to run for long periods of time. You also must have some foot skills, in order to dribble the ball around a player. But overall, soccer is a fun sport for anyone.

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