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Here is chart that shows the data:

Table 4TeamYearActualModel IIIPEArizona2007$ 4,186,000$ 4,465,853-6.7%Atlanta2007$ 6,171,000$ 6,070,6681.6%Baltimore2007$ 3,374,000$ 3,297,3222.3%Buffalo2007$ 4,061,000$ 4,106,553-1.1%Carolina2007$ 4,086,000$ 4,040,7391.1%Chicago2007$ 4,043,000$ 3,885,3673.9%Cincinnati2007$ 3,512,000$ 3,492,8580.5%Cleveland2007$ 5,674,000$ 5,513,3772.8%Dallas2007$ 3,540,000$ 3,519,6360.6%Denver2007$ 2,757,000$ 2,735,2140.8%Detroit2007$ 5,824,000$ 5,659,8362.8%Green Bay2007$ 4,907,000$ 4,751,7413.2%Houston2007$ 3,814,000$ 3,821,366-0.2%Indianapolis2007$ 4,336,000$ 4,095,2295.6%Jacksonville2007$ 4,916,000$ 4,770,8463.0%Kansas City2007$ 3,432,000$ 3,385,4531.4%Miami2007$ 5,367,000$ 5,300,4431.2%Minnesota2007$ 4,840,000$ 4,719,3242.5%New England2007$ 3,683,000$ 3,528,8654.2%New Orleans2007$ 3,371,000$ 3,427,447-1.7%NY Giants>2007$ 3,870,000$ 3,829,4671.0%NY Jets2007$ 2,653,000$ 2,665,692-0.5%Oakland2007$ 6,913,000$ 6,592,9994.6%Philadelphia2007$ 3,359,000$ 3,391,901-1.0%Pittsburgh2007$ 4,256,000$ 4,147,3042.6%San Diego2007$ 3,284,000$ 3,233,3541.5%San Francisco2007$ 5,420,000$ 5,327,4011.7%Seattle2007$ 3,007,000$ 2,962,3051.5%St. Louis2007$ 3,984,000$ 4,003,632-0.5%Tampa Bay2007$ 6,102,000$ 6,112,999-0.2%Tennessee2007$ 4,602,000$ 4,507,0912.1%Washington2007$ 3,432,000$ 3,478,696-1.4%Total$ 136,776,000$ 134,840,9791.2%

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Q: How much does a rookie NFL player make?
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How much does a six round nfL player make?

Minimum salary for a NFL rookie for the 2010 season is $325,000. Anything over that is whatever the player can negotiate in his contract, regardless of when or if he was drafted.

How much does a good NFL player get paid every year and how much does a bad one get paid?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the minimum rookie pay in the NFL is $285,000. An excellent player can make 8 figures.

What is an undrafted rookie?

An undrafted rookie is a rookie player (a player new to the NFL) who was not picked or "drafted" by one of the teams.

Lowest paid NFL player?

The minimum wage for rookie players is $375,000 and many rookies make this.

How much do football players make per year?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the minimum rookie salary in the NFL is $285,000. A very good player can make 8 figures.

Has an NFL rookie won player of the year?

Austin Collie

How much does a retired NFL player make?

Not that much

How much a NFL player make?


Who was the NFL rookie of the year in 1985?

NFL Rookie of the Year awards are given to an offensive player and a defensive player. In 1985, WR Eddie Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals was the offensive rookie of the year and LB Duane Bickett of the Indianapolis Colts was the defensive rookie of the year.

How much does a pro NFL player make in a year?

make too much

How much does a rookie running back get paid in the NFL?

It depends on which rookie running back you are talking about.

What is average NFL player salary per game?

How much money does the average NFL player make

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