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Q: How much is the Brett Favre NFL PRO SET rookie card worth?
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How much is a rookie Brett Favre card worth?

A Brett Favre rookie card is worth about 500,000 to 1,000,000..........It depends on the condition of the card too........if the card is bent or wrecked it is worth any were from $0 to $100.

How much is your Brett Favre 1995 Pinnacle card worth?

1995 pinnacle brett favre rookie replay falcons jersey

What is a rookie Brett Favre card worth?

A 1991 rookie Brett Favre card were worth five hundred thousand to a million dollars! Oh yeah, it also depends on the card's condition. If it's bent and ruined, it's worth anything up to a hundred dollars.

How much money is a 1994 Brett Favre upper deck rookie card worth?

Favre's Rookie Year was 1991, He was an Atlanta Falcon.

How much is a Brett Favre nfl proset card number 762 worth?

a brett favre rookie card is worth around 20 dollars if it is a 2nd round choice and in good condition if its torn or any thing its worth 0.24 cents

What is the value of a 1990 Brett Favre college rookie card?

If you are referring to the 1990-1 Wild Card Rookie card showing Favre in his Southern Mississippi black uniform then this is worth about $6.00 each as of September 2009.

How much is a star rookie Brett Favre card worth?

That card is worth 20$ in the beckett guide no more no less 5 hundred thousand i WISH!!

Brett Favre star rookie card value?


How much is a 1991 Brett favre rookie card worth?

According to my research, it goes from anywhere between $8.25-$30.

What is the value of a Brett Favre upper deck rookie card?

The 1991 Upper Deck set had three Brett Favre cards. One card shows him with three other players, one shows him by himself in the low series and then there is another one in the high series. The true low series rookie card is worth about $9.00.

What is the value of a Brett Favre rookie card in mint condition?


What is the best ungraded rookie Brett Favre card?

NO its spencer coleman

What is the value of Brett Favre rookie card if is signed by him?

about 120 to150 dollars

How much is a fleer ultra Brett Favre rookie card worth?

I would buy it for 75 dollars but any fanatic would for 100

How much is an nfl pro set brett favre rookie card worth number 762?

It really depends on the mint of the card in perfect condition 3 dollars

Will Brett favre rookie card increase in value?

yes because now he is retired

In what series of pro set platinum is Brett Favre 1991 rookie card?


What is the value of a Fleer Ultra Draft Picks Brett Favre rookie card?


What is the most expensive Brett Favre card?

There are two cards that are the most expensive based on sales history in 2009; 1991 Collegiate Wild Card Brett Favre Rookie card 1000-stripe and the 1992 NFL Wild Card Brett Favre 1000-Stripe card. 1991 1000-stripe card sold for $2,500 on eBay in the Spring of 2009.

What is the value of a Brett Favre Packers card?

not much, unless its a rookie card. then itd be no more than $50

What is a Brett Favre rookie year card worth?

depends on condition. you can pick up a decent one on ebay for $30.00 That is the cheapest I have seen them.

What is the value of 1991 Score Brett Favre 611 Rookie Card?

Not much, maybe $5

Best Brett Favre card?

This is the modern-day great debate since the invention of the insert card versus the traditional rookie card. In the days prior to 1991, there were just one primary card for a player that was considered the "best" card. In the truest since of the word of "best" if discussing this in terms of rarity, then there are three cards to consider. First, the 1992 Stadium Club High Series card is the shortest printed Favre card, then the 1992 Topps High Series Gold card, then the 1991 Pro Set Spanish Football Rookie card. The 1991 Pro Set Spanish version of the Brett Favre rookie card is the rarest printing of the rookie card. Additional note is the 1991 Stadium Club Rookies Brett Favre card.

What is the value of a Brett Favre 2001 Score Originals 8 NM-MT?

A Brett Favre 1991 Score Rookie card #611 in NM-MT Condition goes for $8.00

What is the value of Brett Favre rookie card spelled wrong?

Extremely Rare possibly 3 in the world