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There truly are not any "professional" women's fastpitch players in the USA as of 2013. A few USA players may be considered "professional" - the ability to support oneself playing a singular sport - but only by playing the USA "off-season " in a Japanese or European league.

Aside from the few lucky ladies playing overseas or announcing for ESPN, women fast pitch players usually receive three month contracts in the $4,000 - $8,000 range depending upon position and name recognition. And no - I didn't miss any "0's"!

If you consider "respect" and "visibility" part of a player's pay, then Team USA is still the best "paying" League. Although, the softball world needs to question how long that may continue with softball out of the Olympics for at least two generations of premier players.

Aside from playing for Team USA, it is debatable if there is another "professional" league in USA women's softball. National Pro Fastpitch, Women's Major League Softball International and Dynasty All-Stars have all advertised as "professional" leagues, but all have experienced financial, popularity and continuity issues.

The highest paid players are those that play because they love the game and compete to the best of their ability every time they are on the field.

Most of this statement is correct. However the US does have a professional fastpitch league. It is the National Pro Fastpitch. The players have a salary range from $5,000 to $15,000 per season. The league is growing rapidly and will be a great place for top college talent to continue playing in a competitive environment.

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Q: How much does a professional womens fast-pitch softball player get paid?
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