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Q: How much does a football weigh?
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How much do football face masks weigh?

It weigh at least 2.00.34

How much do football players weigh?

On average they weigh about 300 pounds

How much does a football uniform weigh?


How much does a football weigh and how long is it?

a football weighs about 1 pound

How much can a football player weigh?

They normally weigh 40-49 lb

How much does a regulation football weigh?

10 pounds

How much does an American football weigh?

15 g.

How much does a foam football weigh?

5 lbs.

How much does the average football weigh?

14 ounces

How much do you have to weigh to play football?

6'6 250lbs

How much does football gear weigh?

it weighs about 20 30

How much does the average football player weigh?

around the 200s

How much does a pro football weigh?

14-15 ounces

How much EXACTLY does a football weigh?

2.0010206 pounds, or 2.1

How much does a college football weigh?

13 to 14 ounces

How much does a football weigh in kilograms?

Well this is unconventional since a football doesn't even weigh a pound, but it would be approximately .42 kgs

How much do you have to weigh to become a football player?

You have to be at least 160 pounds.

How much does Kansas head football coach weigh?

550 lbs

How much does an average defensive football weigh?

i say about 135-250

How much does a football shirt weigh in kg?

That depends on the size of the shirt.

How much does football equipment weigh?

the equipment wieghs 7-15 pounds

How much does Ryan Pickett weigh?

he weighs 330 lbs and plays football

How much do high school football players weigh?

Stupidest question ever

How much does a football team weigh?

In American Football...That depends on the football team and whether or not you include the gear. The professional football team 'The Philadelphia Eagles' will weigh more than a high school football team.In football in the rest of the world (soccer)...That once again depends on what team you weigh, since individuals are of different heights and many different weights.

How much does the average 15 year old football player weigh?